Flush Door

Flush Door

Kamdhenu Flush Doors are modern, elegant and ready to use that can be easily installed with minimum efforts to protect and beautify your dream home. They are made out of high quality wood to make them exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable with excellent tooling and finishing properties. Obviously, the doors are made with chemically treated seasoned hardwood battens and frames. The cross bands veneers are uniformly dried to the requisite moisture content.

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Technical Specifications IS:2202

Test I.S.I Requirement Results
Moisture Content 5-15% 7.7%
Glue Shear Strength in dry condition a) Individual Min. 1100 N
b) Average Min. 1350 N
1380 N
1680 N
Glue Shear Strength after wet condition a) Individual Min. 800 N
b) Average Min. 1000 N
1180 N
1340 N
Glue Shear Strength in Mycological Test a) Individual Min. 800 N
b) Average Min. 1000 N
1210 N
1360 N
Tensile Strength
a) Parallel to grain direction
b) Right angle to grain direction
c) Sum of both direction

Min. 325 kgf./cm2
Min. 225 kgf./cm2
Min. 600 kgf./cm2

630 kgf./cm2
660 kgf./cm2
990 kgf./cm2
Modules of elasticity
a) Parallel to grain direction
b) Perpendicular to grain direction

Min 8000 N
Min. 4000 N

11600 N/mm2
7200 N/mm2


  • Thickness: 30mm and 35mm.
  • Width: 610mm and 1220mm.
  • Length: 1840mm and 2140mm.