Film Face/Shuttering Ply

Film Face/Shuttering Ply

Kamdhenu Shuttering ply is a strong, long lasting product. The product is widely used for the construction of buildings, bridges, dams etc. It is strong enough to withstand the load of concrete and vibration created while pouring the concrete. Shuttering plywood is made from veneers of selected hardwood to give the product high strength & stiffness to withstand abrasion.

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Technical Specifications IS:4990

Tests Std. Values Results
Moisture Content 5-15% 11%
Specific Density Above 0.5 0.85
Glue Shear Test (cyclic test) 1350 N (avg) 1410 N (avg)
Water resistance Test
a) Glue shear strength
b) adhesion of plies

1000 N (avg)
appreciable resistance

1100 N (avg)
excellent adhesion
Tensile Strength
a) parallel to the grain
b) perpendicular to the grain

32.5 N/mm2
22.5 N/mm2

35 N/mm2
24.5 N/mm2
Mycological Test no appreciable signs of seperation no signs of seperation
Modulus of Elasticity
a) parallel to the grain
b) perpendicular to the grain

8000 N/mm2
4000 N/mm2

8100 N/mm2
4200 N/mm2


  • Thickness : 12mm(23, 30, 34 kg) , 15mm (42kg),18mm(50 kg), 25mm (72kg).
  • Size: 2.44m x 1.22m